Trimble Solutions Corporationin asiakas-, toimittaja- ja markkinointirekisterin tietosuojaseloste

Effective date 7.12.2020

The data controllers are Trimble Solutions Corporation (business ID 0196634-1) and other companies in Trimble Solutions Group

Contact information of the head office:
Metsänpojankuja 1
02130 Espoo
+358 30 661 10

(hereafter ”we”)

and its following group companies:
Trimble Information Technology (Shanghai)
Trimble Solutions France
Trimble Solutions Germany
Trimble Solutions India
Trimble Solutions Japan
Trimble Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Trimble Solutions Saudi Arabia
Trimble Solutions South East Asia
Trimble Solutions Korea
Trimble Solutions Sweden
Trimble Solutions UK
Trimble Solutions USA.

Trimble Solutions Corporation is responsible for processing of personal data at group level for the purposes and on the legal basis defined in our updated Trimble Privacy Notice. Each company in Trimble Solutions group is responsible for processing of personal data for its own purposes on the legal basis defined in the Privacy Notice, e.g. for the performance of a contract or the management of the customer or supplier relationship. For such purposes, it can process personal data which has been collected for the same purposes by other companies in the group.

NOTE! The personal data processing of Trimble Solutions Group related to data subjects of Tekla Campus deviates from the Trimble Privacy Notice (See full notice section II C. Trimble for education and section VII B. Can I choose my privacy preferences). Trimble Solutions Group processes student data of Tekla Campus not solely for software registration, but also for marketing purposes and disclose Trimble dealers data on the basis of students’ consent.