Trimble Solutions Corporation trademarks

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Trademark Use Policy
The producer of Tekla software, Trimble Solutions Corporation, creates innovative modeling software for the construction, infrastructure and energy industries.  The brands that Trimble uses to promote these products are recognized by customers world-wide, which makes them extremely valuable. Proper use of our trademarks helps maintain and increase the value of our brands.

The following Trademark Guidelines are provided to facilitate consistent, proper use of trademarks used by Trimble Solutions Corporation. 

Tekla Trademarks
Trimble Solutions Corporation owns many trademarks for its products and services. Some examples of our trademarks are the emblem and the word “Tekla”. Most, if not all, of our product names are trademarks. A list of many of Trimble’s trademarks is below. Trimble Solutions Corporation may have other trademarks that do not appear on this list, but which are also Trimble’s valuable intellectual property.

泰科拉 ®
Tekla® BIM Awards
Tekla® Campus
Tekla® Civil
Tekla® Civil Basic
Tekla® Developer Center
Tekla® eLearning
Tekla® EPM
Tekla® EPM GO
Tekla® Equipment and Park Design
Tekla® Field3D
Tekla® Infrastructure Design
Tekla® Model Sharing
Tekla® Open API
Tekla® Partners Program
Tekla® Pipeline Design
Tekla® PowerFab
Tekla® Soil Investigations
Tekla® Structural Designer
Tekla® Structures
Tekla® Tedds
Tekla® Terrain Modeler
Tekla® User Days
Tekla® Warehouse


Trimble Trademarks

Trimble Solutions Corporation uses also other Trimble trademark for part of its products. Most, if not all, of these product names are trademarks. A list of product names with Trimble name below. There may be also other product names too. More about Trimble’s trademarks

Trimble® NIS
Trimble® DMS
Trimble® Locus
Trimble® eServices
Trimble® Feedback
Trimble® Webmap


Proper Use
You may use Trimble Solutions Corporation trademarks to refer to our products or services, as long as such references are appropriate and consistent with these trademark guidelines. The proper usage of Trimble trademarks is explained here.

Always spell and capitalize Trimble Solutions Corporation’s trademarks exactly as they are shown on the trademark list, as updated from time to time.  Do not shorten or abbreviate Tekla product names.

A Trimble Solutions Corporation trademark should not be used in a manner that would suggest that the trademark is owned by a person other than Trimble. A Trimble Solutions Corporation trademark must not be used in a way that makes a customer think that Trimble sponsors or manufactures another party’s product, or that another party is the sponsor or manufacturer of a Tekla product.  

When referring to our products or services, use the appropriate trademark symbol in accordance with the list of current Trimble Solutions Corporation trademarks.

All registered trademarks are registered at least in US and EU or in a country of the language, The ® symbol can be used if trademark is registered in the country. If you have any questions, please, contact

1. Products, domains, business names, slogans

Trimble Solutions Corporation reserves all ownership rights to our trademarks, including all rights to the Tekla name and product family symbol.


  • You may not use our trademarks or trade names in any top-level, second-level or subdomains. This prohibition includes the use of the trademark “Tekla.”  The following are non-exhaustive examples of prohibited uses of Trimble Solutions Corporation’s marks:
  • You may not use, incorporate or combine any of our trademarks into your product names, business names, slogans or trade names.
  • You may not combine any Trimble Solutions Corporation trademark with your trademarks or the trademark of any third party.
  • You may not use or register, or apply to register any trademark that is the same as, or confusingly similar to any Tekla trademark.
  • You may not use our trademarks in your slogans, or adopt or use our slogans, in whole or in part, as your own.
  • You may not use our slogans in a manner that confuses or misleads customers.
  • Your use of any Trimble Solutions Corporation trademark should be less prominent than your own product or service name.


2. Website links
Trimble Solutions Corporation reserves all ownership rights to our trademarks, including all rights to the Tekla product family symbols and names. 


  • You may link to our website at, from your website, provided that you notify visitors to your website that they are being re-directed to the Tekla website.
  • Examples of acceptable language are: 
    • “Click here to visit the Tekla website."  
    • “Clicking this link will re-direct you to the Tekla website.”

3. Use our trademarks as adjectives 

  • Our trademarks may never be used as possessives.  The following examples show correct and incorrect usage:

Correct use:   The Tekla® BIMsight software has great new features. 
Incorrect use: The Tekla’s new features are great. 

  • You may not abbreviate, shorten or use a “nickname” for any Tekla trademark.  
  • Every time you use a Tekla trademark in the text of a document, you must follow it with the proper descriptor.  If you are unsure of the proper descriptor, please consult Tekla marketing communications personnel. 

4. Attribution of ownership 

  • If you use Trimble Solutions Corporation trademarks on your website or refer to them in your printed marketing materials or advertising of Tekla products, you must provide a notice in your document that tells the reader who owns the trademark. Attribution is usually provided in the credit line of a printed document directly following a copyright notice.  Examples of proper attribution are:

“Tekla is a registered trademark of Trimble Solutions Corporation.”

  • You do not have to give attribution to Trimble Solutions Corporation’s ownership of a trademark if the trademark is used in a press release.

5. Merchandise & advertising materials

  • You may not use the Trimble Solutions Corporation's trademarks on any of your promotional materials, including but not limited to merchandise such as t-shirts, bags, pens, keychains, golf balls or other items.
  • You must obtain authorization from Trimble Solutions Corporation prior to using our trademarks in any advertising materials, regardless of the medium. 
  • You may not print our trademarks or Tekla product family symbol on your business stationery or business cards.